Creative Divorce

Liner Notes:
Creative Divorce

My mother had a lot of strange books on her large bookshelf, one of which was entitled "Creative Divorce."

As a non-Christian, I was "inspired" by the title to write a song about a man who was married to a woman that, he was quickly learning, he couldn't stand. Not able to divorce her through conventional methods, he was plotting her murder by suffocation.

Four months before entering the studio to record the "Man of Straw" album, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. He was making a lot of changes in my life, not the least of which had been the conviction in my heart regarding my use of marijuana several times each day. He had given me the power to overcome the temptation to smoke pot.

I rewrote the lyrics of "Creative Divorce" to be from my new perspective as a Christian. No longer desiring to write a fictional account of spousal murder, I wrote of my victory in overcoming my psychological addiction to dope. I had been married to it for so long, that the analogy of a divorce seemed appropriate. I gave the woman in the song the name "Mary Jane," a common slang term for marijuana, and rejoiced in the freedom from her.

(My wife of ten years now still hates the song.)