The Trial

Liner Notes:
Hell Is For Children

This song has the most negative title of any song on "Man of Straw" and has provoked the most questions regarding why I included it on the album.

It is also the only "cover" song Viking ever released (Little-known Viking trivia: Many tracks for Yes' "Roundabout" were laid down, but the song was never completed for "Man of Straw").

Although the song produced more radio airplay for us than any other cut on the album, this was not the reason for including it. The song "Hell is for Children" was written by Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Geraldo. It was inspired by a newspaper article of the same title. The article was an expose on the horrors of child abuse in the United States.

As offensive as the title seems at first reading, all of us in the band felt strongly about the subject because of a neighbor child's situation, and decided to include it on the album.