The Trial

Liner Notes:
The Trial

This song is the only obviously Christian song on "Man of Straw." However, it was not always this way.

Jim (Lareau) and I had written it at about the time that we were recording our first album, "Do or Die." It had originally told the story of a woman in the days of Jesus who "knew" that He was a fraud. She was put on trial and killed. How thankful I am that this song did not end up on that first album!

From the day that I became a Christian, I knew that I could never sing those lyrics again. But I was also contracturally obligated to our record company to put this song on the upcoming album. It had already been approved, and there was no turning back. A song called "The Trial" with that same music had to be recorded in the studio.

I took a lot of time re-writing the lyrics. It gradually formed to be a song about the trial that each person will participate in as they stand before the judge of the universe.

Today, I only regret two things about the song. Today, I would never use the colorful language used to describe the fact that Jesus was not illegitimate. Secondly, although it is doctrinally accurate to say of those still waiting for the Messiah to appear, "the Jews are left behind," I would not include those words today, nor would I again sing them with such a horrifying effect as appears in the recorded version.