C708 Boot Camp Videos

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Session 1

Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Ratios

You'll learn the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and how to calculate Retained Earnings. Tips for learning the names of the 15 Ratios, as well as the Dupont Method with its Leverage Multiplier.
For the first time I can say I’m looking forward to going over the next Finance material - MD
Makes things so simple. And it’s actually entertaining - AM
I am literally about to cry, i am understanding this lol - AC
I'm already feeling more confident and look forward to the rest of the week! - SB
An amazing first class tonight. I can see the light. - MH
I had never looked forward to any class till now.... thx to boot camp. - PB
It was so helpful!!! Ready for Night 2 of Bootcamp! - MJ

Session 2

Cash Flows

You'll learn how cash is affected on each side of the Balance Sheet, and how to calculate CFI, CFF, and CFO, and FCFF. Then discover the Percent of Sales Method, with calculations for DFN and SGR.
This class was well worth the extra time, thanks! - BK
This was incredibly helpful! - JT
awesome boot camp session! I digested the content so much easier - AW
Feels like I can do this now :) - SA
I finally feel confident that I can make it through this course. - SB
Well worth it! - MM
the extreme stress I was having reading the text has been completely eliminated! - RB
More informative than the textbook! - AS
Why can't all teachers be like this? - LT

Session 3

Time Value of Money, Bonds

You'll learn to do TVM problems, accounting for monthly, quarterly, and semiannual compounding. See all the forms of annuities and perpetuities, and how to deal with them. Then discover bonds and how to work those problems, even with flotation costs and changes.
I am totally amazed...in tonight's boot camp, I actually understood all of it. - PB
approach has simplified and streamlined these concepts as well as reduced the tears. - ML
It is definitely worth every minute!!! - HB
Lightbulb! - DG
The first online class I’ve ever actually laughed in and had fun. - AF
How did people pass this class before?? - TL

Session 4

Stocks, WACC

Discover four stock valuations, including the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Gordon Growth. Learn to avoid calculus by using GGM in conjunction with Net Present Value to determine the price of a stock with a unique dividend model. Then see how simple WACC really is.
Ding, ding, ding...eureka! I'm digging WACC...FINALLY. - SDT
oooh this makes sense now! - DT
I told my student mentor about my love for you - HD
this is flipping genius. - JJ
how did anyone ever pass without this boot camp - CE
so simple in comparison to their so so difficult method - PD
Can we give more than 5 stars? - AW

Session 5

Depreciation, Project Decisions, Firm Valuation

Learn Straight-line and MACRS depreciation schedules and taxes. Use Payback Period, NPV, IRR, and PI to make project decisions. Calculate Initial Outlay, Differential Cash Flows, and Terminal Cash Flow. Then do firm valuation using three different methods.
Bootcamps have helped me SO MUCH - made me excited to pass this course and graduate! - TS
an amazing experience! - KC
AMAZING sessions, they have taken so much anxiety away - JN
Well worth the time - GG
We are all grateful:) Stay tuned for a bunch of success stories!!! - KP
amazing course - I'm feeling super confident about taking the final! - MS