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Isaiah 11-12


As chapter ten drew to a close, Isaiah wrote of a day when the remnant of Israel would rely on the Lord. Tonight, we will be looking at chapters 11 and 12, when Isaiah gets very descriptive of that time, which we call the Millennium.

11:1 The Branch Of Jesse

Isaiah says that at this time, a descendant of Jesse will spring up. If you recall,

Matt. 1:6 Jesse was the father of David the king...

This descendant of Jesse is called in Scripture, "the Branch." Studying it through the Bible, you find that this Branch is Jesus Christ. But interestingly, this title only applies to Him during the Millennial Kingdom, when He is king over all the earth (Jer. 23:5; 33:15; Rom. 15:12) and builds the temple (Zech. 6:12).

11:2 The Seven Spirits Of God

Though many are not aware of it, this passage is actually the answer to a mystery in Revelation.

Four times (Rev. 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6), the book of Revelation refers to "the seven Spirits of God." This has confused many people. When they read of

Rev. 4:5 lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God

and of the Lamb...

Rev. 5:6 ...having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God... often leads to some pretty crazy commentary!

But in reality, the seven Spirits of God are explained fully right here in Isaiah 11:2. After all, the number seven is a picture of completeness, and often refers to one complete thing. So, I think a better way to see those Revelation passages is to look at them as the sevenfold Spirit of God. Once we do that, we see that the Holy Spirit has a sevenfold nature:

1 - He is the Spirit of the Lord Who moved over the surface of the waters (Gen 1:2).

2 - He is the Spirit of Wisdom Who filled Joshua (Deut. 34:9).

3 - He is the Spirit of Understanding Who gives understanding to the spiritual man, while the natural man sees things which are spiritually appraised as foolishness (1Cor. 2:14).

4 - He is the Spirit of Counsel Who gives in the very house what we are to say (Luke 12:12).

5 - He is the Spirit of Strength Who came upon Samson and enabled him to break the robes that bound him (Judges 15:14).

6 - He is the Spirit of Knowledge, who teaches us all things and brings to our remembrance all that Jesus said (John 14:26).

7 - He is the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, who built up and comforted the church in Judea, Galilee, and Samaria by causing them to go on in the fear of the Lord (Acts 9:31),

11:3-5 He Will Judge With Righteousness

When Jesus sits on the throne, He will be the first king in history to have the advantage of knowing all men's hearts (Luke 6:8; 11:17; John 2:24). He never made judgments on what He saw or heard, but with righteousness.

By all accounts, Judas was convincing in what he did and said. He had everybody fooled. Everybody, that is, besides Jesus. Jesus knew the real Judas, and that he was betraying him (John 13:11). This is the kind of king the earth will have in the Millennium.

Now, as difficult as righteous judgment may sound, we are called to do the same thing. Jesus said,

John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

How can we judge with righteous judgment? Jesus told us,

John 5:30 "...My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me."

That's the key. We are make judgments and decisions all the time based on the opinions that we've formulated from what we've seen and heard, felt, and experienced. But when we do that, we are often guilty of misjudging and making the wrong decision. The only way to judge with righteous judgment is to seek the will of God.

The Rod Of His Mouth

In this passage the rod is mentioned as well. It always seems to come as a surprise to people when they hear the Millennium is not a carefree paradise. There is conflict. Remember back in chapter two, we read that in the Millennium,

Is. 2:4 ...He will judge between the nations...

There will be conflicts over things like territory and trade. The human beings on earth will still be sinful. There will be people who are wicked enough to be put to death. Fortunately, when the Lord rules and reigns, there will be no lengthy appeals process. Those who deserve death will simply be slain with the breath of His lips.

11:6-9 Characteristics Of The Millennium

I have heard this passage misquoted probably more than any other verse of the Bible. "The lion will lay down with the lamb," people say. Fortunately, they're not doing any violence to the verse, because the whole idea here is that there is no violence!

In the Millennium, animals are no longer carnivores. Bears and lions will be eating vegetation, snakes won't be biting people, and predators will not be hunting other animals anymore.

Simon Peter preached to the multitudes that Jesus was received into heaven...

Acts 3:21 ...until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time.

And so one of the names for the Millennium is "the period of restoration of all things." Apparantly, things will return to the way before the flood devastated the earth.

11:10 The Glorious Resting Place

The term "resting place" often refers to the temple that God inhabits. The psalmist wrote,

Psa. 132:7-9 Let us go into His dwelling place; Let us worship at His footstool. Arise, O LORD, to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your strength. Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness, and let Your godly ones sing for joy.

In this case, that "resting place" is the Millennial Temple. Ezekiel spent a great deal of time giving the details of this temple, and how incredibly glorious it will be. And it's no wonder, for Jesus Himself will build it:

Zech. 6:12 “...Thus says the LORD of hosts, 'Behold, a man whose name is Branch, for He will branch out from where He is; and He will build the temple of the LORD.'"

Once built, Jesus will be there. Ezekiel said,

Ezek. 43:5-7 And the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house. Then I heard one speaking to me from the house, while a man was standing beside me. He said to me, “Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell among the sons of Israel forever..."

And the people of the earth will gather there to hear from God. Remember that Isaiah told us back in chapter two,

Is. 2:3 And many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; That He may teach us concerning His ways and that we may walk in His paths.” For the law will go forth from Zion and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

11:11-16 Israel Regathered

The Jews who have survived the genocidal attempts of the antichrist will be gathered to their God. He will bring that remnant from every place on the earth, clearing a path for them the same way that He opened up the Red Sea for them to pass.

He will assemble them together and give them His protection. They will receive the Promised Land, with its full borders. No one will be allowed to oppress them anymore.

12:1-6 Israel's Response

Israel's response to God when they are regathered will be one of thanksgiving and trust. They will see how faithful God has been in their faithlessness, and serve as a witness to the nations of the world, calling for them to call upon the Lord.

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